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We offer a huge range of specialist athletics equipment specialists like soft landing mats, foam javelins and mixed sports hall kits for schools and public leisure centres.

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We are athletics equipment specialists for recreational and professional use indoors and outdoors.

Some of the equipment we supply include foam javelins, high jump landing mats and assorted kits for sports halls. These features are extremely popular with schools, colleges and local sports clubs.

These organisations need to have equipment for athletics to gain many benefits for their athletes and help develop healthy lifestyles and activities in young children.

Our company offers a great selection of several products and services to help achieve the ideal athletics facility for you.

The most common service we provide is the supply of specialist equipment for various sporting activities.

Our company works country-wide, and all of the features that we have available may be supplied for leisure and competitive uses.

Get in touch with us if you’d like to discuss the costs and availability of free delivery for the different athletic equipment for athletics we have available.

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Athletics Equipment Suppliers

Some of the different activities we supply sports equipment for include long jump, high jump, pole vault, hurdles, javelin, and discus.

A great selection of specialist safety mats and crossbars are available for high jump stands and pole vault, with indoor and outdoor use options.

We also provide foam javelins and discuses for use with sports hall throwing events for beginners at these sports.

Because these products are made from lightweight foam material, they can be safely used by primary school-age children in an indoor environment.

We offer these in a great selection of several designs, colours and sizes, and you could also choose a complete set with various items to completely kit out your sports hall.

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Choosing the Right Product

We’ll make sure schools closest to you get the most out of their finances by helping them stick within their budget.

If you are unsure about what sports equipment to choose, our track and field equipment specialists can advise what would be best for you.

We recommend having smaller-sized landing mats, lightweight javelins, and mixed sets for smaller recreational facilities, including various features.

By doing this, you can save money if the products are for practise lessons as you won’t need the full sized professional standard accessories.

Let our specialists know what type of facility you have and give us a rough idea of your budget so we can provide the most helpful information and advice about the different athletics equipment we supply near you.

Sports Hall Kit Suppliers

Depending on the performance standards you need, we provide various sports hall kit products for nearby primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and professional clubs.

If your facility is hosting competitive events at a high level, we have larger sized landing mats for high jump and pole vault events.

We can also supply other features like crossbars and measuring stands in different specifications from club level to international competition standards.

However, if you will be using the equipment for recreational activities or school PE lessons, we provide smaller alternatives that might be more cost-effective for you.

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Range of Kits Near Me

Many schools have sports halls in which they are kitted out with loads of different features so that children can participate in activities.

As specialist athletics equipment suppliers in your surrounding area, we can offer both individual products and complete sets which contain several items.

For example, you could choose a throwing kit that includes foam javelins, discuses, shots, hammers and floor targets.

For more information about javelin, have a look at this page

This would then enable your students to practise throwing skills in different activities during lessons or extracurricular clubs. Note that throwing cages are essential for activities that include throwing.

If you’d like a sports hall kit with a complete range of features for many games, we offer a choice of upgrade kits.

Range of kits near me

These include balance beams, target throws, long jump scales, hi steppers, speed bounces and loads more.

As specialists, we have various games and equipment to choose from for high jump, long jump, or other athletic activities.

To find out more about long jump construction, have a look at this page

For high jump building and high jump stands, proceed to

Frequently Asked Questions About Athletics Equipment

Here are the questions people ask most frequently about equipment for athletics and athletics in general. 

What is athletics?

Athletics is a term used for various competitions in running, walking, jumping (long jump and high jump), and throwing events.

It can also be called track-and-field sports or simply track-and-field.

What are the two types of athletics?

The 44 separate events can be classified into two groups based on the locations where they are held.

The first category is track events, which encompasses running and walking events that are part of a given competition. Field sports, such as the high jump, throwing and vaulting, fall into the second group in this regard.

What is athletic equipment?

Each track and field event requires agility, training aids, preparation, and specialised sports equipment. Track and field equipment includes mats, pits, throwing cages, and the like.

Why is equipment important in athletics?

Using the right track and field equipment decreases the risk of spontaneous movements and injuries, allowing you to concentrate on the game rather than worrying about potential mishaps.

For example, throwing cages are needed in throwing events to protect spectators, competitors, and judges from misguided trajectories of throwing devices.

What is good athletic equipment?

Quality is the most critical aspect of track and field equipment. A sturdy piece of sports equipment ensures the safety of an athlete as well as fair play.

We provide high-end equipment for a wide range of athletic events to make sure you get your money's worth.

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Athletics offers several sports and activities which children can get involved in from a young age.

It has many benefits such as promoting healthy and active lifestyles, especially if the kids can use good quality facilities to develop their skills.

To find out more about the athletics equipment for schools and assorted packs we provide for athletics and sports halls , please contact our specialists today by completing our quick form.

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