Javelin Throw Equipment

As professional track and field facility installers and equipment suppliers, we have a range of javelin throw equipment available.

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Javelin Equipment

Good equipment can help young athletes have more fun while they are training. While athletics is a complicated field, children can often benefit from simple accessories and tools that broaden their horizons a little more: a javelin, a soft throwing hammer, or even just some sports bags.

We have worked with a range of different schools and other organisations, making sure that suitable equipment is designed, manufactured, and delivered straight to each client at a high standard of quality. Whether you are looking for thrown javelins or track training equipment, we have you covered.


A javelin is a great practice tool for any athlete, and even children can benefit from the weights and technique involved in throwing them. A good javelin is always better than a poor javelin.

Foam Javelin

Our soft javelin designs are suitable for a range of safe, fun throwing activities and competitions, coming in a variety of colours. They are designed to be safe and use a soft tip.

Competition Javelins

Each javelin can be used for training and competitions, offering a balanced Nordic throwing style that makes these javelins incredibly useful.

Nordic Javelins

We make each javelin to 'Nordic' standards - a good flight system for easy throwing, balanced designs, and ease of control. This Nordic inspiration, combined with the soft tip, makes each throwing javelin perfect for a range of athletics and competition types.

Soft Designs

While our Nordic javelin is not made with real steel, children can still practice the same throwing techniques that a regular Nordic javelin can allow. The design also reduces the chance of anybody getting hurt during a javelin-throwing competition or larger athletics events.

Other Throwing Equipment

Alongside our javelins, we also have a range of non-javelin options that can be thrown in other ways. This range of equipment includes things like throwing hammers, med balls and howlers.

If you want any specific throwing equipment beyond our javelins range, get in touch and let us know what you are looking for. We have supplied countless United Kingdom school or exercise organisations with javelins, throwing hammers, and so much more.

Shot Put

Our shot puts are perfect for a range of athletics events and are usable both indoors and outdoors. They are not heavy enough to damage the ground indoors if you are using them in school exercise halls or other enclosed spaces, but they can also be used on an open field very well.


Like our javelin options, our discus equipment is ideal for any kind of competition. Like other products, they are designed to be low-risk options that can't easily hurt children, even if they make direct contact with somebody. This makes them a great javelin alternative (or companion).


Our howlers are another javelin alternative that uses multiple plastic components to create long-distance throwing equipment. The high-quality designs 'howl' as they cross the thrown distance, making them a fun option for casual competitions and throwing training.

Throwing Hammers

Another counterpart to the Nordic javelins, our throwing hammers are heavier weights that take inspiration from world athletics events - but using plastic instead of a steel head. These hammers are safe and low-risk products that can be used for all kinds of exercise types and events.

Medicine Balls

Unlike our competition javelins, our medicine balls can be used for multiple different kinds of exercise and are not specifically for throwing. They can either be used standalone or alongside other products to create more complex athletics routines and competitions.

High Jump

We do not just offer throwing equipment. You can click onto the high jump page of our website right now and order yourself a full high-jump track construction, with every niche request included. Our high jump designs are ideal for young athletes, and we can tailor the results to your exact order.


We can help you search for the perfect high jump for your needs, whether that is something simple or a more complicated professional-grade jump. Instead of having to search through page after page of materials and filters, we can save you plenty of time if you contact us directly.


If you are interested in a high jump project, send us an e-mail, and we can start to talk about what you need. You will not have to search for the ideal material alone, and we can help you figure out the perfect option for your needs, rather than leaving you to fill your shopping cart alone.

Long Jump

Like our high jumps, we can create the ideal long-jump track for your needs. Each long jump we create is made with the best materials that we can search for, tailored to whatever the client needs. We can make them suitable for any age range and any kind of jumping distance, no matter how specific.


Our long jump surfaces are available in the same way as high jump options. If you do not want to search through every option all by yourself, get in touch Monday-Friday, and we can help you find the best option for your specific requirements or preferences.


The finished construction of each long-jump is tailored to what you need, just like the high jump. We will not do anything without your approval, and we aim to give you the best end result possible with the specifications that we have.

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