Shot Put Equipment in Aber-Cywarch

If you would like to provide your school or sports club with shot put equipment in Aber-Cywarch SY20 9 which are fun and enjoyable products, they should encourage young people to take part in sports and athletics.

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Shot Put Equipment

Shot puts have become a popular option for all kinds of competitions, especially in schools. But getting the right shot put equipment can be important, from the material and weights down to the throwing range and any other accessories that might be relevant.

The shot put might not be as common in a school competition as track and field events, but they are an excellent way of improving your throw technique. They can use any existing open space, which can save a lot of money compared to a full track installation.

Our shot put equipment range is excellent for any age group, whether that is young athletes or older beginners. If you need throwing equipment that works, then take a look at what we can offer.

Shot Puts

Our shot puts are suitable for all kinds of exercise, athletics and competitions. They come in a variety of colour options and are designed to have weight without being dangerous, using softer vinyl exteriors that can avoid causing injuries easily.

Unlike the shot puts you might find in an online search, ours are all made to a high standard of quality.


While many shot puts are made with brass or a similar metal, we try to limit how much danger we put young athletes in. The shot puts still have a suitable weight and heft but are not solid chunks of brass. We also ensure that they retain a consistent shape and diameter for perfect throwing every time.


Shot puts can be used by any age group, and we try to make sure that we are always giving the client what they need. If you represent a school that needs shot put options to develop coordination skills, then we offer options that are perfect for young beginners at schools.


The high safety standard of our shot put options ensures that younger athletics students can carry, handle, throw and pick them up without issue. This also allows them to use proper techniques since the weights are not too excessive for them to manage.


Thanks to all of this, our shot put designs are suitable for throwing in any direction from any standing position, regardless of the technique used. They can be thrown indoors (such as in school exercise halls) or outdoors, during competition events or simply as an exercise method.


Our variety of shot put tools are suitable for all age groups, and even beginning athletes can find them useful. They are a valid way to train your throwing skills and can be ideal for refining your skills in a variety of ways, either through indoor or outdoor training.

Other Equipment

We do not just offer shot put equipment. We have quite a wide range of other accessories and tools that serve the same role as the humble shot put or enhance the training experience of the shot put itself. If you find any of this equipment interesting, contact us for price and planning details.

Toe Boards

Our toe boards are a great marker for a throw space. This can be important for events or any competition where a valid throw needs to be behind the line since the board can't be turned or pushed into an unfair spot. They also save on space and do not interfere with access to the shot put space.


Our discus options are created with safety and results in mind, using consistent diameters that keep them useful for almost any athletics competition. They can be used either indoors or outdoors, as standalone equipment or with other options.


Like our shot put options, our javelins are designed to be safe and risk-free. Unlike sport javelins, ours use soft tips that make them safe for children to use, and they can't be turned into a dangerous projectile if the head wears out over time. A soft, padded javelin could save a life.

Throwing Circles

We can help create throwing circles of a certain diameter, making it easier to mark out throw range and dedicated shot put spaces in an open field. These throw circles allow you to throw a shot put across the field and get an idea of where it has landed without needing to rely solely on measuring tapes.

Other Throw Gear

We also offer a range of competition throw hammers, howlers, medicine balls and other related equipment, all for varying price levels and uses. Each one could be the next big thing in your athletics setup, and they are all perfect for competition use as well as casual events within schools.

Track Installations

We can offer various track and surfacing options. Instead of having to search for an appropriate surface, we can save you time (and save you money) by helping you search for one within our own catalogue. Many of our surface options are designed to work well with our other equipment.

What Next?

The shot put might only be one small part of a school's sport equipment list, but it is one with an interesting history and a lot of techniques behind it. If you are not sure what you are looking for, then do not hesitate to contact us directly for some professional advice.

Whether you are mid-search for some sports track surfacing that will work with schools shoes or trying to find some sort of equipment bags, we can try to find the ideal sport equipment that matches your request.
Take a look at our offerings before going off on a search of your own. All of our equipment is designed to work well together, and it is not hard to search our catalogue of sports gear (or contact us for some direct assistance).

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Aside from the shot put, we have a massive range of indoor and outdoor sports equipment on sale. Feel free to contact us (through a call, a fax, an email, etc.) to get out direct help in finding what you are looking for.

Our expert staff can help you search through our site's products, search results and filters to sort out the exact kind of product you are looking for. We do not use any kind of account system or account cart page, so you can take as long as you need to get in touch and tell us what you want.

Feel free to contact us at any time, using whatever methods work best for you. If you need to use a fax machine to get invoices or want to fax important details over, then we can provide you with a fax number or another contact method.


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