Hammer Throw Area Installation in Albury

Hammer throw area installation in Albury SG11 2 is a very popular field athletics event which can be carried out in schools, colleges and sports clubs around the UK.

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Hammer Throw Equipment

Our hammer throw equipment contains everything you need and features some of the best brands in the business. We are one of the best suppliers of hammer throw equipment in the UK, and we serve customers across the nation who are looking for high-quality athletic equipment.

The hammer throw is one of the four main throwing events at any athletic event, and it can be overlooked by those who are not interested in sporting competitions. However, it is a brilliant practice to partake in, and it requires a lot of strength and coordination to get it right, as well as high-quality equipment that we can provide.

We have a great range of athletic equipment at our store, manufactured right here in the UK to ensure the greatest quality possible. If you want to improve your performance in the field or want to try something new, you have come to the right place.

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We are proud to be one of the UK's leading providers of track and field hammers and supporting equipment. Whether you are getting ready for a competition or have just started training, we have everything you could need on our site.

For both men and women, we provide throwing hammer equipment, from the track and field hammers themselves in a range of weights, as well as accessories like throwing gloves, throwing circles, trolleys, and other training materials. Our track and field hammers are used by athletes across the country and have seen success in various sporting competitions, which is why we continue to be a leading supplier.

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Choose us as your leading supplier of all hammer throw equipment, as we provide a great range of stainless steel hammers as well as additional tools from spare wires, athletes shoes, throwing gloves, trolleys, and training circles to ensure you can handle everything the sport throws at you in your search.

Our stainless steel and aluminium hammers are manufactured by the best brands in the business and meet all standard competition rules.

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What Is Hammer Throw?

Hammer throw is one of the four track field sports that are commonly seen in competitions, and it is one of the most popular in the country.

The hammer that is used in this sport is not like any other hammer you may have seen or used before. Instead, the hammers used in this track and field sport is a metal ball that is attached to a grip using steel wire. This comes in varying weights based on the skill level of the athlete, and it aims to swivel from the point of the grip.

Hammer throw as we know it today is essentially an evolved version of the track and field competition that took place during the Scottish Highland Games from the 18th Century. The aim of the game used to be to show your strength, but it has evolved to also be a show of speed and control as well. It is a complete show of athletics that can be played by both men and women.

The hammer is thrown after it has been turned around, using the athletes body strength. This is to build momentum and help reach a good distance in view of the competition.

During the hammer throw, the athlete is not allowed to leave the circle. The hammer will be spun around using motions of the entire body as the weight is held. When enough momentum has been reached, the handle is released.

There are different weights of hammers used in competition, as men use heavier equipment. Search our product range to find your best fit.

Hammers will be thrown from a point within the circle, and there are varying distances that can be reached. The athlete will have turned round in the circle three times to reach a good momentum before throwing. Holding the grip handle, the heavy ball will swivel round before being released to see how far it will be thrown.

With the weight of the hammer and the speed that is needed to throw it far, there are many athletics still on show throughout the hammer throw. You can view our products with filters, including your desired weights and materials of the hammers.

In a competition, the hammer will be metallic such as aluminium or steel. The handle is also metal, as it is the wire that keeps the hammers attached to it, which is why hammer throw requires a lot of strength to do it well.

We offer a variety of hammers that can be used in competitions and strength training. Search our aluminium, brass, and steel hammers and handles based on the weight you are looking to use.

Our website makes it easy to find the right equipment for you, as you can search using filters such as brass on the shopping page and narrow down search results.

Our stock offers hammers and handles of varying weight and metals, as well as changes to the wires. The wires come in different lengths based on your skills, and commonly men's hammers will be heavier with longer wires and handles.

No matter what you search for, we can help with your order. We have a number of hammers on offer from the best brands in the business. To see what we currently have in stock and to process your order, register with us today.

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If you are ready to develop your athletics skills, then you have come to the right place. Our website includes some of the best equipment for the hammer throw from leading names in the business.

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