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Discus Equipment in Ballingham Hill

There is a large amount of specialist discus equipment on sale to consider when you are trying to prepare for discus events or track throw competitions. There are so many categories of discus on sale that you need to consider, and not every sports equipment business offers all of the items on sale that you need. Whether you are looking for pro tools for a coach and athletes, or entry-level discus items for beginners throwing things around on a track, you need to buy from somewhere you can trust before your game.

That is where we come in. Below, you will find a guide to the basics on sale, from light weight to heavy weight options for different throws and all the extras for sale you might need. If you are ready to buy, you can create an account or subscribe to emails for more information, or if you have questions, you can contact us for tips and advice.

What Is the Equipment Used for Discus?

As with all sports, there are some important pieces of technical equipment on sale that you will need for a discus competition. First and foremost is the discus. Just like with the javelin throw competition or the hammer throw or shot putt, there are a huge number of different options with different sizes and weights on sale, and it can be hard to know if you are on the right track when shopping.

High Spin Discus

High spin discus models are generally on sale for serious throwers looking to upgrade their throw. They are manufactured with durable plastic sides and a solid metal rim, giving a high rim weight but a more balanced total weight, increasing the spin speed of the discus for throwers.

Competition Discus

A competition-style discus is a high-end piece of sports equipment for sale, designed with an even higher rim weight than a high spin style discus. This makes it tricky to throw for beginners but ideal for anyone on track for competitive discus sports. Just like a high spin option, most brands make these plates from a plastic core and metal rim for high performance; much better materials than the classics like wood.

Throw Aids

If you are in search of something to practice with, then throw aids are the ideal answer. They are on sale from most track and sports sale locations, but we offer a wider range on sale at a better price (including VAT!) than most outlets. Rather than round weights for game use, these throw aids are designed for sale to beginners and athletics clubs for basic practice and inexperienced users. These are safe, affordable options for learning throw skills for beginners, ideal for athletics clubs in search of equipment for taster sessions and novices that help to save a bit of money.

Discus Cage

Nobody wants to search in the bushes behind the athletics club or the race track to find an escaped discus. If you are tired of that search, then a discus cage is a must-have accessory. We offer a wide selection of models on sale, all designed to survive the weights of professional discus models being thrown inside them, and all ideal for even a relatively small athletics club or a large track with plenty of space.

Discus Storage and Accessories

As well as discus styles, many athletics brands are now developing a range of accessories to save time and effort at events. We offer a wide range of these on sale, from discus storage bags and racks designed to save space through to advanced throw aids for athletics, all on sale here.

What are the techniques for discus?

The IAAF, or International Association of Athletics Federations, governs proper discus technique. The IAAF ensures that only suitable approaches are used for fairness, balance, and reduced risk of injury. Discus techniques can be complex, so you should check their website for information on how best to throw a discus in your chosen style.

What is a discus cage?

A discus cage is a large net cage designed to catch the discus when it is thrown. Without one, you can easily throw a discus on a race track or track field, but you run the risk of having to search for the discus after you have thrown it in the wrong direction by mistake. Discus cages are on sale for safety and security, preventing even the most enthusiastic thrower from hurling a discus far out of the bounds of the track.


Whether you are looking for equipment for a small indoor space or an outdoor track, we have everything you need for sale. It is a one-stop sale shop for all the discus equipment and accessories you could ever want. No matter what you need, it is on sale here. Check out our sale page to buy the items you need on sale, or just get in contact for more advice!


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