High Jump Fan Surfaces in Backburn

High Jump Fan Surfaces in Backburn

When installing the surface for an outdoor high jump facility, there will be a choice between the Multisport synthetic turf specification and the polymeric rubber surface.

Athletics Flooring Installers in Backburn

Athletics Flooring Installers in Backburn

If you are looking to install a professional quality high jump surface, the polymeric EPDM rubber specification would be the most favourable choice for competitive events and training.

Recreational High Jump Surfacing in Backburn

Recreational High Jump Surfacing in Backburn

For school athletics facilities which are going to be used mostly for PE lessons and after school clubs, the Multisport synthetic turf provides a softer and more durable finish for children to use.

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High Jump Surfacing in Backburn

Our high jump surfacing is all specially designed to work as part of a greater athletics facility, whether that is a space for sports, athletes at a higher level, or young children who are still in school. No matter the context, we can plan out and install the perfect high jumping run-ups and surfaces for any client.

A large part of all athletics facilities or gyms is making sure that soft surfaces are available. Any particular sports activity that involves a lot of jumping can put pressure on the legs, especially when young people (around primary school age to high school age) are involved.

While it is important to test physical fitness abilities, the track and field industry exists to create safe, comfortable and compact sports areas. Whether an indoor space or an outdoor space, we can add the surfacing you need for safe, high jump equipment use.

We are experts in our field and have worked with countless clients in the past, many of whom have needed specific athletics facilities for certain competitive events, sports and athletics types. This ranges from primary schools and secondary schools to older sports demographics.

What is High Jump Surfacing For?

Athletics facilities need to be safe for the average person to use, and the high jump can be dangerous if handled poorly. An England athletics facility that supports the high jump needs a way to 'catch' the jumper as they fall, and a thick mat is not always available.

Exercises like the high jump also need to be conducive to the jump itself. Just like a long-jump runway needs to let the runner move quickly, a high jump run-up should be easy to jump from, making it much easier for the average person to attempt a jump without issues.

We can help any client create the perfect high jump option, whether that is at primary and secondary schools or a more professional athletics facility.

High Jump Surfaces

Most of our high jump surfacing is made with synthetic fibre, tailored to whatever the client needs. This multisport synthetic fibre offers a softer surface for sports clubs (which is great for children's sports) without being too soft for the average adult to use effectively.

These surfaces are made from the same materials that we make most of our sports and athletics surfaces from. While many sports are different on paper, they often use the same surface types: long jump run-ups and high jump fans are very similar and need similar materials to work well.

High Jump Fans

High jump fan surfaces are a core part of making high jumps work. These 180-degree semicircles are used as a run-up, allowing the jumper to approach the high jump from whatever angle suits them best. Good high jump fans are not always necessary, but they improve the overall quality of the space.

Primary schools might not need high jump fan surfaces, but they are important for more professional athletics facilities. They allow the high jump equipment to be used properly and mark out a dedicated jumping point or range, something that can make a big difference in the long term.

Surfacing for Schools

Young children and teens take part in a lot of competitive events, but the British athletics activities across all school Key Stages can be dangerous without the right surfaces. Even if the school only uses compact facilities, we can provide areas that are safe for students to use on a regular basis.

High jump athletics activities often require a mat, whereas long jump surfaces include the long jump runway and some kind of sand pit. Tailoring a space towards each individual sport is the easiest way to prevent children from getting hurt since they will not know as many safety techniques as sports athletes.

Key Stage 1 and 2 do not usually have a high jump since they are too young for a lot of full athletics and sports activities. However, Key Stage 3 and 4 can often end up with a basic high jump, something that we are able to help you get surfacing for. The right surfacing can be an important safety measure when young students are involved.

High Jump Surfacing for Younger Athletes

Younger athletes, such as young people who have already finished high school or who are taking part in college athletics events, also need good surfacing. It takes a long time to become a sports and athletics professional, even while part of academic institutions that promote sports.

Events like the IAAF and IPC World Championships or the country's own National Championships can get a lot of new people interested in sport. England National Championships can inspire a lot of younger adults to get involved in England athletics programs, but poor facilities can make this a lot harder.

We offer a huge range of surfacing options to create both large-scale and compact facilities, getting young people more involved by giving them soft surfaces that can protect them as they develop basic skills, practice existing sports activity skills, or exercise to build up their strength.

Surfacing for Athletics Facilities

All athletics clubs, especially athletics clubs supported by the Amateur Athletic Association of England, need good surfacing. From a full-sized running track to long jump runway facilities, all sporting activities are better with the right surfaces.

Our surfacing options can create high jump surfaces, long jump surfaces, running surfaces, or even broader athletics areas that are not dedicated to a single set of athletics equipment. We can even support compact sports facilities that need to maximise efficient use of the available space.

It is possible to have these surfaces installed indoors or in covered areas, if necessary. The ceiling will have to be high, but it can be done. Be sure to tell us what you need beforehand since it will take us a while to look into the specifics and make sure that we can properly provide what you are looking for.

Athletics Club Quality Surfacing

Our surfacing, especially our multisport synthetic turf, can create great-quality athletics facilities. We aim to make sure that every one of our surfaces for sporting activities is as reliable as possible, keeping to the same standard as most professional athletics clubs.

Since each different facility or project is unique, all of our work is technically bespoke. If a compact sports facility requires soft surfaces for the high jump that can also double as track and field routes, then we will do our best to give those compact sporting facilities what they need.

The overall quality of a surface will impact how it influences the athletes or students performing the high jump, so keep this in mind when looking at the options that you have available. Sometimes it is better to pay a little more for something that can provide more protection if a jumper makes a mistake.

Compact Athletics Facility Surfacing

Compact athletics facilities often need to make careful use of the space that they have. UK athletics club groups can sometimes only have a small area to work with, but we can help create compact facilities that still offer a full range of activities.

Our surfacing is able to work in all UK athletics compact facilities - but it is up to the client to decide what is installed and where. Our multisport synthetic turf can be installed in smaller amounts for compact facilities or be used to completely replace the existing ground of the area instead.

Compact spaces vary in shape and size heavily, so it is important for us to tailor the high jump space to your available ground. This might mean removing the 180-degree fan and having a smaller area of approach, although this can also cause problems of its own in certain situations.

What Else Should You Consider?

The basics of a good sports surface can be quite easy to grasp, and you can always contact us to learn more about what we offer - or get free no-obligation quotations on your proposed project. But what else should you consider before you commit to anything?

The Amateur Athletic Association of England

The Amateur Athletic Association work to oversee a lot of present sport-related events and is the main governing body for things like track and field or cross-country running, as well as a general athlete progress model. However, this also makes them a good way to judge particular surface types.

Educational institutions might want something soft and easy to use, but more serious sports-themed facilities sometimes use the Amateur Athletic Association of England as a bar of quality. We can provide the same kind of track and field or high jump surfacing that the AAA would use.

It is worth noting that this also applies to other sports equipment and materials, like throwing circles or long jump runways. In fact, many long jump runways are built with sand pits that match up to the quality that the AAA prefer, offering more protection during a long jump.

Jumper Skill and Age

The high jump (and, by extension, the long jump) are completely different for young people compared to older people. While adults will generally always approach it in the same way, young adults and teenagers can require more protection. Surfaces also need to allow for more basic mistakes.

This can mean that you might want to install a sub-base that can help level out a rough area or even a more protective sub-base that makes the turf even softer. Like all sports and play provisions, you need to assess risk when planning out where high jump fan surfaces will be installed.

Remember that you can always contact us to get more direct advice about a situation. If it is not urgent, you can use our contact form, but we also have ways for you to get in touch faster if you have got a project plan ready to go.

Athletics Clubs and Other Sports

Clubs and other dedicated sports areas often have multiple sports involved in the same space, unless sporting events are taking up the entire field or indoor area - especially in compact locations. This means that the high jump could be near long jump sand pits or may be next to a running track.

It is important to consider location when installing new surfacing because your surfacing may alter the way that other nearby sports are handled.

For example, a long jump requires a lot of horizontal movement, so it takes up a lot of space. While the high jump is more vertical, it has a larger fan, so it may overlap with the run-up to a long jump. In extreme cases, they may overlap so heavily that only one can be used at the same time.

It is important to keep the long jump, high jump and all other sports-related areas clear. The more risks there are to the jumper (especially if they are still in school at an early Key Stage), the more likely they are to get injured by accident.

Installing Your Surfacing

If you want to get in touch about the finer details of your project or want to know more about the surfacing options that we offer, then you can use our contact form or enquiry form to get in touch with us directly. You can also contact us in a more immediate way if you have questions about our services.

Whether we are installing a long jump surface, a high jump fan or something else entirely, we aim to create the best possible results with the tools that we have. Our friendly and experienced team are prepared to work hard at each project, using the most reliable materials that we can offer.

Remember that each surface has to be tailored to suit the situation. Long jump spaces for Key Stage 3 and 4 need to be a lot easier to use than ones meant for adults: this might mean different materials, different designs, or even an entirely different length.

Whatever you need, we can offer it, so do not be afraid to get in touch and ask about what we can do first. There are a lot of different ways that you can tackle a high jump project, and we are able to walk you through some of the key choices that might be involved.


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