High Jump Fan Construction in Arboe

High Jump Fan Construction in Arboe

Our installers can complete a full construction process for a high jump facility in either needlepunch synthetic turf or polymeric rubber, and we'll also supply a safe landing mat.

Athletics Surfacing Experts in Arboe

Athletics Surfacing Experts in Arboe

Many schools and public sporting organisations have high jump facilities installed for recreational activities and also professional standard training.

High Jump Surface Installers in Arboe

High Jump Surface Installers in Arboe

If you have a specific budget or design preference in mind for a high jump facility, we can tailor a quote and specification to suit your project so you'll get the perfect end result.

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High Jump Construction in Arboe

The high jump has become a favourite among young sports athletes and experienced sportspeople alike, but proper high jump fan installation can be a mystery to a lot of people. The high jump is not just about the bar that you have to jump over, but also the surface underneath that allows you to jump at all.

Our high jump fan installation services are meant to provide the best sports services possible, making it easier for a high jump or long jump runway to act as a suitable run-up for athletes of any age. We have worked with countless different clients and sites in the past, providing long jump runways and other sports surfacing options to all of them.

What Do These Surfaces Offer?

Our soft surfaces are meant to be used as dedicated sports surfaces, making it easier to use other sports and athletic products without being limited by natural grass, poor turf, or rough concrete. Unlike those materials, our surfaces are conducive to testing athletics abilities on an appropriate running and jumping surface.

High Jump Surfaces

The primary surface that we offer for a lot of high jump spaces is multisport synthetic turf, the same that we use for long jumps. With jumping, run-ups are important, and sporting facilities need a suitable surface and sub-base for sporting activities like the high jump.

This is because poor surfacing can actually hamper athletics activities. Our installation service offers a great alternative to the natural ground of an outdoor space, such as a 180-degree high jump fan that can be approached from multiple angles to practice different jumping techniques at each line-height.

High Jump Fan Designs

A good high jump fan allows athletes to approach the high jump from an entire 180-degree semi-circle space, making it much easier for them to jump at their preferred angle. However, a fan can also be tricky to install in a compact space, especially if the facility does not have much free room.

Part of our high jump installation services involves creating these fans if the client wants them, ensuring that there is always a clear angle of approach for whoever is making the jump. The same can be said for long jumps, which need very clear markings to make sure that the long jump is straight.

Surfaces for Sports Clubs

A lot of clubs, especially those under the Amateur Athletic Association of England, require particular things. This is especially true for clubs that focus on the historical past of British athletics and try to use the same rules, layouts and techniques as previous generations.

Whatever the clubs need, we can produce something that suits their athletics niche. If they need a polymeric surface, then we can create a polymeric rubber option that will still allow them to high jump, long jump or even triple jump in the same way.

Long Jump Runway / Long Jump Facility

While a long-jump is not quite the same as a high jump, a long jump facility will often be included in the same spaces anyway, as they are both part of many England athletics spaces. A long jump runway needs to be made of the proper materials to actually act as a run-up, helping the jumper reach their top speed as fast as possible.

A long jump runway also generally requires a sandpit or mattress to help keep the long jump safe, something that we can offer multiple solutions for. Depending on how much space you have available, the long jump might need to overlap with other athletics spaces.

Track and Field Industry Options

The materials that we use in our long jump and high jump soft surfaces are also suitable for track running. Many athletics clubs will have certain performance requirements related to their running tracks since athletes will have to run in them year-round for minutes at a time.

Like many athletics-related products, our surface types are designed for each individual situation and client. If your sports clubs require soft surfaces that allow for easier running, then we can install those surfaces based on whatever details or specifications you might have.

Surfaces for Primary and Secondary Schools

Young children and teens can easily get involved in athletics, but the surfacing that they use needs extra attention to make sure that it will not harm them. Unlike the sugar tax that taxes sugary drinks and other unhealthy things, getting poor surfacing is not penalised - but it can lead to young people getting badly hurt.

Even in compact facilities, secondary and primary schools need surfaces that can properly protect the younger people using them. They might need to be softer surfaces or be marked out properly with safe jumping spots: anything that can prevent accidents from happening if a student misses a jump.

Remember that 'young people' can also include children at a lower Key Stage. While very young children will not be capable of doing a run-up and high jump, other athletics events or sports activities will need proper surfacing anyway, just to make sure that they do not get injured.

Spaces for Other Educational Institutions

Academic institutions beyond the usual school levels, like universities and colleges, can have something closer to a real athletic design.

Our installation service can accommodate this kind of exercise facility just as well as schools for younger children or completely standalone clubs. The specifications of what each client needs are the most important parts - when it comes to sports, English universities can have varying approaches to the spaces that they use.

What Else Should I Consider?

While getting a long jump or high jump surface installed is easy, it is not the end of the process. There are a lot of things to consider both before and after the installation that might be relevant.


The long jump and triple jump are very different from the high jump, but they can often be done in the same basic spaces. However, once you install a high jump spot, the surrounding areas have to be constructed around that high jump. Even some of the best development tools can't get around this problem.

This means that creating multi-purpose spaces is often more cost-effective, but the full process is also a lot harder. A prepared macadam sub-base might work well for some activity but be less effective on another, and run-ups to one might block another if the athletes do not take turns.

Remember that lines make a difference, too. Will a painted inline-block the run-up of another activity? Do the lines need to be coloured differently to make them all distinct? This is something that we can offer professional advice and assistance with, but the final decisions are up to you as a client.

The Amateur Athletic Association of England

The AAA oversee a lot of athletics-related concepts within the country. For example, the AAA Charity for Young can give small grants to young athletes that are about to start their careers, and many institutions use them as a 'measuring stick' for their own facility quality.

Sports facilities can sometimes be tied to the AAA, especially if they are for clubs that have earned historical and valued trophies in the past. When it comes to sport, England clubs with a history may need to focus on certain championships each year, and that means they need good sports and athletics products.

Other Governing Bodies

Sometimes you might have local restrictions on play provisions or on particular sports and how they can be done. This is very common if you are following the rules of your own club or organisation, which might demand a certain amount of particular surfacing options in specific places.

Throwing circles are a common example. These are generally required for hammer throw or shot-put activities since they serve as a major safety measure. If you want to do any events like this, then you will need a clearly marked throwing circle: something that we can provide with our other services.

Remember that some clubs work on volunteering a part-time system. This means that one person's rules might change if somebody else steps up to oversee the club's space.


What design are you going to go for? We can save created design ideas for you and help you develop new ones, but we can't tell you which design you want to work with. Even something as small as the addition of a new long-jump path can completely change the layout of your athletics space.

Even if you know nothing about the design that you want, you can still try to put together some basic ideas. The more we know about what you are looking for, the easier it becomes for us to provide it, especially if you do not know much about the kind of options that might be available.

What Now?

If you want to know more about the work that we do and the services that we offer, feel free to get in touch with our enquiry form for a free quote. If you are worried about having to pay a premium price, we can try to find the most affordable price options possible, giving you more options to choose from.

Once you have used our contact form, we treat our ongoing contact like open forums. If you need a new free quote or even a few free quotes after making some tweaks to your original design, feel free to ask - our expert staff can accommodate your needs very, very well.



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