Athletics Equipment Specialists in Englefield Green

Athletics Equipment Specialists in Englefield Green

We supply a range of products for use in athletics events at schools and clubs, these include foam javelins, safety matting and kits with a selection of items included.

Sports Hall Kits in Englefield Green

Sports Hall Kits in Englefield Green

There are a number of kits available which include an assortment of products such as stopwatches, cones and relay batons for use with different events.

Supplying Athletic Equipment  in Englefield Green

Supplying Athletic Equipment in Englefield Green

As specialists across the Uk, we are able to provide your facility with a range of games and activities that children can get involved with whilst in an active environment.

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Athletics Equipment Specialists in Englefield Green

We are athletics equipment specialists in Englefield Green TW20 0 for both recreational and professional use indoors and outdoors. Some of the equipment we supply include foam javelins, high jump landing mats and assorted kits for sports halls. These features are extremely popular with schools, colleges and local sports clubs. It’s vital for these organisations to have things like this as they can help to develop healthy lifestyles and activity within small children. Our company offers a wide range of several products and services that will help to achieve the ideal athletics facility for you. The most common service that we provide is the supply of specialist athletic equipment for use in various sporting activities.

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Our company works all over the country and all of the features that we have available may be supplied for leisure and competitive uses. Long jumps in Englefield Green TW20 0 are great for health and fitness, to find out about the cotruction of them, have a look at this page Please get in touch with us if you’d like to talk about costs for the different athletic equipment we have available. One of our experts will get back to you as soon as possible with some helpful advice.

What do we supply?

Some of the different activities we supply equipment for include long jump, high jump, pole vault, hurdles, javelin and discus. Specialist safety mats and crossbars are available for use with high jump and pole vault, with options for both indoor and outdoor use. We also provide foam javelins and discuses for use with sportshall throwing events for children who are beginners at these sports. Because these products are made from lightweight foam material, they can be safely used by primary school age children in an indoor environment. We offer these in a number of designs, colours and sizes, and you could also choose a complete set with various items to completely kit out your sportshall.

Choosing the right product

We’ll make sure schools closest to you in Englefield Green TW20 0 get the most out of their finances by helping them stick within their budget. If you are unsure about what athletic equpiment to choose, our athletics equipment specialists can offer some advice about what would be best for you. For smaller recreational facilities, we would recommend having things like smaller sized landing mats, lightweight javelins and mixed sets which include a variety of features. By doing this you can save money if the products are just going to be used for practise lessons or by younger children as you won’t need the full sized professional standard accessories.

To speak with one of our specialists about each of the different athletics equipment we supply near me, simply fill in our enquiry form today. Let us know what type of facility you have and a rough idea of your budget so we can provide the most helpful information and advice.

Sports Hall Kit Suppliers in Englefield Green

Depending on the performance standards you need, we provide a variety of sports hall kit products for use in nearby primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and professional clubs in Englefield Green. If your facility is hosting competitive events at a high level, we have larger sized landing mats for events like high jump and pole vault. Other features like crossbars and measuring stands can also be supplied in different specifications from club level up to international competition standards. However if you are just going to be using the athletics equipment for recreational activities or school PE lessons, we provide smaller alternatives which might be more cost effective for you.

Range of kits Near Me

Many schools have sports halls in which they are kitted out with loads of different features so that children can take part in a choice of activities. As specialist athletics equipment suppliers in your surrounding area, we can offer both individual products and complete sets which contain a number of items. For example you could choose a throwing kit which includes foam javelins, discuses, shots, hammers and floor targets. for more information about javelin, have a look at this page This would then enable your students to practise throwing skills in different activities during lessons or extracurricular clubs.


If you’d like a sportshall kit in Englefield Green TW20 0 with a complete range of features for lots of games, we offer a choice of upgrade kits. These contain things like, balance beams, target throws, long jump scales, hi steppers, speed bounces and loads more. As specialists, we have a variety of games and equipment for you to choose from for a high jump, long jump or any other athletic activity. Get in touch with us today if you would like to find out more. 

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Athletics offers a number of sports and activities which children can get involved in from a young age. This is perfect for promoting healthy and active lifestyles, especially if the kids are able to use good quality facilities to develop their skills. To find out more about the athletics equipment for schools as well as assorted packs we provide for athletics and sportshalls in Englefield Green TW20 0 please contact our specialists today by completing our quick form. We will come back to you to discuss the prices and advise you on what would be the best products for your particular facility, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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